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About the project, its development roadmap and the team.

About the project


QUANTitative Crypto Trading

QuantCT aims to be a quantitative trading lab as a user-friendly SaaS app - from idea to portfolio. As of now, it provides profitable and statistically sound screeners alerts in the crypto market.

There are technical alerts and screeners everywhere, But there isn't statistically tested filters and trading strategies anywhere else!

You may use any alerts or screeners other than QuantCT app. But you will never know what's the probability of having a profitable position, and with what expected gain!

ALL alerts in QuantCT are generated by statistically tested trading ideas, and you KNOW what's the probability of winning and its average gain, in long-term.

The next milestone of the project is to implement a dashboard to show optimization profile of strategy ideas, right into the app.

Release Notes

Version 2022.11.20

  • Listing all USDT pairs of Binance spot market.
  • A new look for Market Overview page (formerly Outliner).
  • Making Backtests table sortable (All columns but Symbol, Type, Quality, CT, avgB).
  • Shouting down sending alerts to the QuantCT Alerts telegram channel.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2022.01.16

Version 2021.10.11

  • Settings page for account info, license info and notification settings.
  • Customizable alerts notifications.
  • Ignore sending of bad alerts to QuantCT Alerts telegram channel.
  • Tradingview chart links in screeners.
  • Tradingview chart links in all telegram notifications.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2021.9.11

Version 2021.9.6

  • Initial release.

The guy behind QuantCT

Amin Saqi

(محمدامین ساقی زاده)

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RISK disclosure: Cryptocurrencies are high-risk financial instruments and trading them can lead to lose significant, or even ALL of your capital.